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08-26-2011, 02:56 AM
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Originally Posted by GoKingsGo25 View Post
too bad most buildings in the philly aren't built for earthquakes

here in Southern California, its normal..... and a 5.9? thats all hahaha

btw may the flyers and kings meet in the cup!

For those who have experienced earthquakes in California and their relatively small area of impact, a question arises concerning why such a moderate 5.9-magnitude east coast earthquake with a Virginia epicenter could be felt more than 300 miles away, in New York City?

As one might sense, there is a geological reason for this. The Earth's crust beneath the eastern U.S. is older and harder than the plates in the western U.S. The east coast also has fewer fault lines that are not as seismically active. However, when earthquakes do hit, that hard ground in the east coast literally carries seismic waves better than the west coast ground.

Eastern earthquakes affect areas 10 times larger than western quakes of the same magnitude, with some geologists estimating that figure may be as great as a 100 times, according to New Jersey's geological survey.

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