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Originally Posted by Corto View Post
I don't play LoL anymore, I went back to DotA and now waiting for Dota2, but when I did I played about 600 games, got to lvl 30, and my heroes were:
- Ashe
- Kassadin
- Shaco
- Katarina
- Pantheon
- Jax... but it was just too easy at the time, pre-nerfs... you go 23-1-20 EASY unless you happen to run into a pre-made
(by comparison, I sucked 99% of the time with Pantheon if the game went past 20 minutes and we didn't have a meaningful advantage by then)

And Kassadin was VERY fun to play (though Ashe was my best, I even got several kudos from the Riot staff/forum admins I bumped in here and there).


Now, like I said, I went back to DotA (the not being able to play every hero, "grinding" for them, the silly no-denying concept, etc. was very unappealing from the start for me), but that said, it is definitely great fun once you get into it.

One thing I don't know is if Riot implemented a replay system since I stopped playing, and if there's anywhere I can find some high-end competitive replays to watch (and maybe get my interest going again).
The replay system exists but it's pretty weak. I've seen some games on youtube (such as the ones hosted by DiggitySC who is a great Starcraft commentator) which I know are high level play or big name tournament play.

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