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Originally Posted by Sirstig View Post
I have revisited ice hockey after 30 years last summer so I also bought some roller hockey skates to keep my skating up when ice time is rare. Am I crazy to use skates with no brakes out on the street? Even though I have decent agility on the ice, I feel like a rank beginner on wheels. I have to plan ahead a block to stop and down hill is all about hoping no one else is on the street until I slow down.
Any advice or roller blade techniques (especially stopping) would be appreciated.

on ice you lay your weight on both skates and slide linear until u stop. on normal ground you try to stop the same but more circular. on a very rough ground like asphalt you may lay ur weight mainly on the skate which is outside of ur circular movement, as if u want to make a big score in the ice. the smoother the ground the more similar u can stop like on ice.

thats my experience, i hope the english is understandable

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