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Originally Posted by Der Kaiser View Post
A personal note as I've started thinking about how I would make an initial list. It is VERY difficult to rank the top 80 defensemen ever. Once I got past 30 it really starts being troublesome, I can't imagine trying to separate say, #75 from #74. Does anyone have any tips? Do you guys divide your lists into blocks and then rank players individually whitin blocks? I'm finding this way too complex.
I haven't started this one, but I did create my personal list of the top 50 defensemen ever awhile back.

I basically did what you said. I ranked names until it stopped being easy anymore, somewhere around 30-35. Then I collected a bunch of names that I thought were in the next tier and did my best to pick the best, add him to my list and repeat. Ended up moving around a lot of these guys once they were added. This got me into the 40s, then I picked another group of guys. Ended up with a list of 50 plus 7-8 Honorable Mentions... heh.

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