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Originally Posted by txpd View Post
I think it would be a mistake to fail to recognize that Vokoun is going to be carrying a huge pressure load even in the regular season. By playoffs its going to be unreal.
You have the huge playoff monkey that every Cap will have to carry with the pressure Vokoun will carry because this may be his only chance.

I wonder how Boudreau and McPhee will be destroyed around here if Vokoun gives up a critical soft goal in the playoffs..
What you say is true but I'd rather have a vet in there as opposed to a rookie. Still be a lot of pressure for sure.

BB and McPhee SHOULD be destroyed if the team fails in the playoffs again. They are directly responsible for building the team and style of play. But I don't think that will happen this year unless there are widespread injuries.

Originally Posted by txpd View Post
I am very glad that Halpern is back. Frankly, I am fairly convinced that he is once again the actual Captain of the hockey team..
You know I was actually thinking of that but there aren't many players he played with here still left. Laich, Semin and Ovechkin...maybe Green? Either way he will be a vocal presence and I hope the fans embrace him as I was pretty ashamed when they booed him upon his return as a star. Not cool.

Originally Posted by txpd View Post
we will see. i failed to mention in the previous post that i think the league has fundementally changed how it defends a team like the Capitals. i think you will find that Tampa Bay has some real scoring issues this season and Stamkos may not see 40 goals. If this is the case, the Caps run and gun days are done and they will need to find another way to get the puck in the net more often.

I don't know...the Caps trapped alot. They struggled against Tampa b/c their players just didn't play well and didn't play with confidence. They were not as experienced as a team as Tampa especially on D and in net. The 1-3-1 is way worse than the trap..whats next? Play five guys at your own blue line? lame

I think the Caps go back to some run n gun and they will have success with it. One thing about "run n gun" is that it should incorporate a heavy forecheck and with guys like Ward, Brouwer, Sjogren and Halpern replacing less physical/board savvy players I think this will suit their style.

But I give you that they should dump and chase a bit more instead of forcing stuff in the neutral zone. But when they dump they shouldn't use it as an opportunity to set up their they did last year.

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