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08-26-2011, 11:27 AM
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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
I don't disagree with you I just feel a lot of people don't acknowledge how much easier it is to get a guy who is on the "prime fence" than a guy entering his prime. It's easier said than done and I think considering what team we are and the fact that many UFA's probably don't want to sign here over a place like say LA or Vancouver, signing Cole was a fairly smart move. Of course it can backfire but if it doesn't we'll be golden. Plus Cole has done nothing to suggest being past prime just yet. I think people are jumping to conclusions a little bit. There's no magical number where prime ends. Plus if I'm not mistaking Chiarelli was going after Cole too. People seem to think he's a pretty smart GM, sure we outbid him but we got a player he intended to get.

But overall I don't disagree with your analysis that it would've been better to get a younger player, with how teams are smarter with UFA these days though it just doesn't seem very easy to pull it off. Some people think Columbus is nuts for trading for and signing Wiz to his deal. How many other solid offensive D on the market just entering their prime were there? Deals can be made but honestly easier said than done. I think it's a solid move by CBJ personally.
It's impossible to pull off. That's the whole point. You have to get those players before they are established. Getting prospects and picks and developing them before they become stars is pretty much the only way to get them. You can try to rip off some team in a trade (like SJ did with Thornton) but it's unlikely to happen.

Teams who have established young power forwards will not let them go. That's why you won't see those guys become free agents, they're worth the money. Nobody is going to let Stamkos walk for free... Gomez on the other hand? Sure. Free agents are generally made up of guys who are over the hill or want more money than their worth. That's why it's not a great idea to build your team that way. That's the cycle we've been in for a long time now.

When you build with FAs you're getting stuck with the leftovers like Eric Cole, Gomez and Gionta. Decent but not great players, won't lead you anywhere and aren't worth the money.
At least this time though, they got a physical player.

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