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Originally Posted by buddahsmoka1 View Post
I really don't think you are reading MathMan's arguments properly. This is a standings thread, ie, how people will do in the regular season next year, not anything else. Playoffs, and years down the line are irrelevant.

Bottom line:

-Bobrovsky actually gave them good goaltending last regular season, and at times was outright sensational.

-Richards and Carter are straight up their best defensive/tough minute forwards, they have been both lost, now all those players that got easy minutes because of those two being in the lineup, have to take on more. For example, expect Giroux's numbers to go down a bit this season.

-They simply are just not better than last season, they have gone backwards.
True enough but I don't see them being in 6-13th place like I've seen some people post. The point I was making is that they lost those two guys but they could still play better together as a team.

You are right though it's a regular season thread but honestly I just don't see them being such a worse off team this year. Sure losing two solid centers is bad, they had Briere and Giroux already though. I think people are quite honestly over-estimating the impact it will have on their team. They've had solid offensive depth for years. This changes it but I don't think they'll be that much worse off early on and I think in the long run they could be better.

I agree it is a 2010-11 regular season standings thread, but I just don't see them missing the playoffs this year. I think anything from 3rd to 8th place is still possible for the Flyers. If they didn't have a ton of depth maybe I'd agree, but they do.

The point I'm making is being worse off on paper doesn't necessarily equate to being worse. This new team they've assembled might click very well and Bryz is definitely capable of playing better than Bob at this point in his career. The point I was making about the playoffs is that regular season means nothing compared to the playoffs. Bob played well in the regular season because he was on a stacked team during the regular season. Once playoff hockey took place he went no where. Bryz will now be the #1 on this stacked team in the regular and should have no trouble doing equal or better than Bob did. Being that it's the regular season and not playoff hockey I don't see Bryz playing worse than Bob did last year, which will mean and even greater chance of winning games.

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