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08-26-2011, 12:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Guffaw View Post
Good to hear. I think another thing that helps is that you have just kept playing since you were 16. It doesn't seem like you guys have as much of an issue vs. guys like me that took a long time off (16yrs.) and now are trying to start again at almost 40.

I think it's probably worse than a beginner. My mind and to a lesser extent my skill set tell me I can keep up with Junior A level players etc. and so I try to do it. However the body just isn't used to it. I'm not saying beginners don't play hard, but I'm not sure their skills/confidence allow them to hurt themselves like someone who thinks they are playing college hockey at 20 yrs. old trapped in a 38 yr. olds body if that makes sense

Oh well. I'm convinced that it will just take time. I can't see it being this bad from here on out. I just love playing so much so I hope not. I think going from pulling transmissions all day to sitting at a desk will work wonders for my body so hopefully that happens soon.
I think I agree. The one thing that seems to separate the older guys who are getting stiff and injured from the older guys who don't seem to have any issues is the latter group play constantly. I guess if you take time off you start to turn into the Tin Man which makes a lot of sense.

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