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08-26-2011, 12:34 PM
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1) craps they are a good season team but they will fold again in the playoffs until they can get a better leader. ovy is not a leader.
2) pittsburgh even without crosby or with him they are still a good team.
3) boston they wont have as many pts as last year but the are still a talented team. thomas isnt young so rask will play an important role.
4) tampabay stilled and like washington has a lot of fire power for the reg season.
5) newyork rangers. richards will help and lundqvist is always a rock.
6) montreal. having markov and gorges for a full year will really help. it will help subban out a lot too to play less minutes and focus on his d so he can be an all around player.
7) philly. being without carter and richards will hurt. but brzgalov is a good goalie and can only be an improvement over boucher and leighton and the russian guy bob......
8) it will be right down to the final week in my opinion between canes and sabres im not big on leino hes a good player but not worth as much as the sabres signed him for but they are still a decent team and has a top 3 goalie in the league. with ward s another but i think buffalo will win this.
10) as much as i dislike toronto they have improved for this season on paper anyways. lombardi is an unknown but he is quick and has hands. franson i dont know how they snagged him but good steal by burke. but reimer is too much of an unknown sure he played good down the stretch but the leafs were already out of the race and when they seemed close he couldnt do it himself obviously he was a rookie.
11) newjersey brodeur is not the hall of fame marty anymore. they need to draft a quality goalie in the next draft if there is any. parise will be back that will help and they need kovy to play from the start of the season not just when they a re last and ruin there draft position.
12) winnipeg. i dont understand any of winnipegs moves this offseason. they have an alright core but not anything special.
13) newyork islanders. tavares is on an island no pun intended all by himself. god only knows how many games dipietro will play in. this franchise has no future and this will another nonplayoff year.
14) florida sure they brought in a ton of free agents but they are all fringe players well maybe a bit better than fringe. thats why there old teams didnt want to match. either way the other teams in front of them either improved or for the better stayed the same.
15) ottawa. unlike florida they are trying to do it from within but it will take awhile. but there is a future here but they a few years away. lehner is a stud at they got something out of leclaire.
* nyi, cats or ottawa can switch.
same as habs, flyers and rags. the others i believe will stay where they are.

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