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08-26-2011, 12:46 PM
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Originally Posted by VladNYC View Post
and that is?
I already wrote about it:

when u pay off referees u don't learn how to win the games yourself
when u pay off other teams - u don't learn how to win the games yourself
when u make player purchases not to strengthen your team but to split the money between the agent, buying and selling sides (paying 2,3, 4 times the players worth) - u don't strengthen your team to compete.
when your juniors team are selected based on who knows whom - u don't put forth the best product on the pitch
when your kids teams are selected by who's parents pay off the coach - u don't instill proper values into future players.

I can continue this list for a long time - I know people who work for Russian PL clubs - many don't want it this way, but can't break out of it, since the whole country is ill, not just the sports - sports are just a reflection of countries ills.

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