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10-23-2003, 03:05 PM
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Originally Posted by nucks&flames
Watch them more? i dont think thats possible. I am not biased, i will admit if a player on my team dives, bertuzzi while he gets knocked down a lot, doesnt embelish it. When naslund is struggling to find space, he'll dive(taking a page out of gretzkys book) morrison dives occaisionally. and our recent best players, the sedin BROTHERS sometimes dive. but not bertuzzi. the blues cause a lot of obstruction, so you will see them dive a bit more vs st. louis(and of course the refs could simply call obstruction and stop all of that)
You're not biased? I can't take you at your word on that; I don't recall reading your posts before and unless I have, I just don't know what's true and what isn't. As I said above, I watched Bertuzzi do it to Jackman (either Game 2 or 3, not sure exactly which one it was any longer; wish the playoff threads were still around right about now) and it was a total dive. It wasn't embellishing a call because he did it before anything happened. It was rather embarrassing. Bertuzzi doesn't do all the time, but when he does do it, he generally gets the call. Normally I would agree with the obstruction remark, but I thought the Canucks had more than their fair share of it last night too. The refs weren't calling any of it at all. Still a good game to watch in spite of it all (that Sopel; what a goalscorer he is).

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