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10-05-2005, 02:25 PM
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Wow good thread guys. Let me add a couple of things that bother me. First is the trailer that scifi uses where Lee Adama replies to the your not fit to wear that uniform and he says neither are you. I find this whole story arc which blessfully was addressed in the season 2 finale but which I find irksome. Command and control is essential in a case like this but everybody bends the rules to his/her liking and insuburdintion is frequent. I know the writers wish to show as some would say how "real people" would act in such as situation but nobodies impertinent actions seem to cost anything-got problems with that I do
Rossyln lord this woman is the same character in everything she does and I have zero/zip no connection to her character or plight
Third Admiaral Roe guess the Maqui were done with her, anyway another angle of womanhood. Lets see we got the warrior/Starbuck, the mother/Rossyln, so now the diabolical *****/Admiral, meanwhile every man on the show is unsure of himself or his actions. Kobol-Lt ?ordered a bad assult, Helo(my man) unsure of his feelings, Adama crying like a ***** asking Sharon why???? nauseam..How bouts some balance people
And finally for the love of all that is holy can we please develop the zylons as a real threat, even bad guys/toasters need some motivation and reasons why we should dislike them. How exciting was the episode where the zylons had boarded Galactica huh? Instead its more in house fighting which yawn is getting a little stale


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