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10-23-2003, 03:14 PM
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Swedish article re. Naslund

Link here

swedish canuck on the forums translated it as best he could:

Markus Näslunds plan to move bach home from Canada are getting more serious.
He's about to bye a very big piece of land in Bonäset (outside of Örnsköldsvik) to build a house.
-It'll be fun to be a real "Ö-viksbo" again, sais Markus.

Markus Näslund, 30 and the capten of Vancouver Canucks is on his 11th season as NHL player. He said earlier that him and his family (wife Lotta and three kids) will move back home when his oldest doughter (Rebecca) is about to start school. Rebecca will turn six next year.
-Within the next two years it's school-time. The plan is to move back at the latest, year 2005. But it can happen next year, it depends on the "lockout" in the NHL next season, sais Markus dad, Sture.
Markus owns a house in Gullvik (also outside of Ö-vik) where the family stays over the summer. But they don't want to live there all year long when they move back.

Bonäset has the most important things, the only thing missing is a gas station, sais Sture Näslund.
And there's very little traffic, so the kids will be safe. That is the most important issue for Markus and Lotta.
Two years ago was the first time Markus got the interest to bye a piece of land in Bonäset, but then the plan was to bye several pieces of land to make it a big one, on Sjömärkesvägen (a street) but that plan didn't work.
Markus kept looking for something else in the neighbourhood when he found this big piece of land.

It's big enough for 30 normal sized houses.
Markus is negotiating right now and within a few weeks it should be finished.
What he will pay for the land is still to be said..
The newspaper got some information that the amount would be round 1 000 000 swedish kr. wich is good 100 000 dollars.
By the end of the year, Markus should be the proud owner.

The work around the lad should start early next year sais Sture Näslund who takes care of some of the bussines wile Markus is in Canada playing hockey.
They don't want to say how big the house will be, but Markus has spoken to a arcitect and seen a few drawings.. At least three bedrooms, livingroom and kitchen is a given.
Markus wants to be there when the house is close to finished, wich means next year or the year after that.

The article is dated today..bad news.. I hope this doesn't reflect how the Bertuzzi negotiations are going

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