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08-26-2011, 05:09 PM
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Thunder Bay is a great team - I especially like the top 4 defense and balance through the forward lines. But Eden Hall should win because:

1. Much more dangerous top line
  • Eden Hall has an extremely dangerous first line, one of the most explosive in the MLD. Thunder Bay's first line just doesn't have the offensive upside in comparison
  • The single biggest difference in this series is in the quality of first line center. Billy McGimsie has to be considered an offensive superstar at the MLD level, while Boldirev's offense was pretty unimpressive compared ot his peers

2. Slightly better group of defensemen
  • Eden Hall's shutdown guys (Evans and Buswell) are better than their Thunder Bay counterparts (Graham, Ragnarsson) because Ragnarsson, while a very solid player, is the least great of the bunch
  • O'Connell is better offensively than Hamilton; both are good but not great defensively; Hamilton is larger and more physical
  • Campbell is at least as good as Streit
  • Eden Hall's bottom pairing is a bit more talented

3. Slightly more accomplished playoff goaltending
  • I was underestimating what Lindbergh did in Europe before coming to the NHL; it's not very extensive but it's definitely worth something, and it somewhat closes the small advantage Mowers has in terms of NHL record
  • No matter how you look at it, Mowers did have more playoff success than Lindbergh, however, and like Lindbergh, he was a big reason for the success he did have

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