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Originally Posted by Canadian Guy View Post
Trickle down economics is a farce, it doesn't work. I'm not against having big stores in the Glebe (in fact I don' care) but the idea that the increased traffic in the Glebe will considerably help the small local stores is wrong: people will go to the stores with the best prices, they won't be shopping around, they won't be strolling down Bank looking for niche stores.
Of course some stores will get more customers, but to say it will outright be beneficial to the small glebe stores is ludicrous. It would be much easier to argue that it will kill some local stores (argue, not prove).
That is not what trickle down economics means, it means giving tax breaks etc to those at the top which in theory will trickle down and benefit the rest of us.

That bit of flimflam doesn't work,except of course for those at the top.

This is something different, it is like having an anchor tenant at a mall to pull in customers who will then notice the other stores in that mall that they haden't heard from before.

If this project pulls more people into the area it should benefit all the stores and restaurants and bars in the area, especially after a game.

In any case there are no big box stores planned for lansdowne, that is just something FoL use to scare the gullible.

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