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Originally Posted by stevecanuck16 View Post
Lost in all the fat jokes, Kyle Wellwood had a dynamite play-offs for the Canucks the year before last. Definitely saw flashes of the player many thought he would become.

The weight and attitude issues have been overblown, in my opinion. Mostly, he's just another example of a highly skilled offensive player whose questionable size and speed have held back his transition to an NHL game.

Looking at Winnipeg, their top-6 is hardly set in stone. Wheeler, Antropov, and Fehr are all fairly inconsistent player, and Wellwood outplaying any of them is feasible. Perhaps Wellwood could split center duties while Wheeler or Fehr slid down to the third line?

As for Columbus, they'd probably be looking for him in a third line role. I'm honestly not sure why San Jose is so resistant to sign him. Seems like their bottom-6 is a little thin*.

*EDIT: I know everyone always says "No pun intended" when they totally intended a pun, but in this case I really didn't mean that. Funny, in retrospect, so I'm leaving it.
Few reasons:

1) They have a few guys they want to give the opportunity to win the spot. James Sheppard for one (depending on health) and more likely Cam MacIntyre. Also Ferriero might have a decent shot. Whether DW plans to actually use any of these guys, he wants to give them the motivation to try.

2) He wants someone better than Wellwood long term. Wellwood would be a stop gap. He's not a goal scorer, he's a playmaker, and that line needs a scoring threat. It also already has one midget (Mitchell) and they are likely looking to keep that line non-midget.

3) We only have one contract spot as noted, so DW may want to keep it open incase a player he wants more becomes available.

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