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10-23-2003, 03:27 PM
Castor Troy
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More to Burke's NY trip?

I was just listening to the Pratt and Taylor show on TEAM 1040, and heard a call-in by McKeachie, who said he had some unsubstantiated insight into Burke's NY trip that is supposedly to discuss Bertuzzi's contract with McCaw. Keep in mind that this is all just conjecture and speculation.

McKeachie said he was at the Vancouver Airport this morning, and heard that a private 767, currently sitting at YVR, is now being renovated to accomodate another 30-40 seats, as opposed to the 5 or 6 that it currently holds. McKeachie said that the jet is owned by none other than Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. Those other 30-40 seats sounds about right for a hockey team don't they? He also brought up the fact that Burke flew a red-eye flight to NY after watching the St. Louis game last night. Why would he go all the way to NY to discuss something that's been in the owner's hands for over 10 days? What needed to be done face-to-face that couldn't be handled over the phone/fax/video conferencing? Hey, isn't the NHL headquarters situated in New York? Isn't that where Betttman's office is?

Again, this is what McKeachie just said at the end of the Pratt and Taylor show on TEAM 1040. He said that it could be huge news, and that's why he's breaking it now without substantiation. Interesting, if nothing else.

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