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Originally Posted by offdacrossbar View Post
good points here but there are problems.

first, arty is primarily a defensive centerman. thats his best role. his skating is still suspect and his offensive ability, while improving, doesnt match the vision and slipperiness that derek stepan has right now. imo, stepan would be wasted playing with checkers while asking arty to center a scoring line is asking too much.

stepan flat out knows where to go and what to do when he gets there. while arty is still more comfortable in his defense first role which allows him to counter attack and create off turnovers.

stepan is purely more creative in the o zone and thus more dangerous playing with skilled players. at the same time, anisimov is worlds better than stepan when it comes to 2 way play, neutral zone attack angles and back checking. arty has a very developed defensive mind and understands his checking role better than pretty much any other forward on this team.

apples and oranges as far as im concerned. given that, there no doubt in my mind that arty should play on which ever line is more structured towards checking first while stepan should be the pivot on which ever line is geared towards scoring.

and steps should get ample pp time this year. hes exactly the kind of centerman we need to handle pucks down low and work his magic around the crease.

let arty continue to get major pk time and excel in his defensive forward role that hes best suited for.

Dubinsky - Richards - Gaborik
Wolski - stepan - Callahan
Fedotenko - arty- hagelin
Rupp - Boyle - Prust

theres you lineup folks
Anisimov is more then a defensive center.lets be realistic here when looking at facts.

Anisimov had next to NO powerplay time all year.
Stepan seen a good amount of powerplay time.

Anisimov didnt play with many of the top scoreres on the team last year.

Stepan did.

Anisimov was never used in many offensive situations at all,whether it be power play,end of game,anything.
Stepan was.

my point?Anisimov STILL had 42 points while playing mostly with 3rd/4th liners while being a solid penalty killer.

pretty good for a defensive center,huh?

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