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08-26-2011, 11:11 PM
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Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
What'd difficult to understand is why mixing players who are good at hockey and players who are bad at hockey is somehow better than a team of players who are uniformly good at hockey. Because when we talk about adding toughness, it invariably involves replacing a player with a player who's worse, even when we're not talking about an exclusive goon.

Nevermind that a player who is good at fighting helps the team about as much as a player who is good at playing the violin.
How's that? Adding toughness automatically means a worst player than what we have? I tell you, you think that we've been winning the Cup for the past 10 years now. We have so many untouchable players on that team, it's incredible. See, Travis Moen play for this team. And from your analysis, he's a good player. Yet, if we would have a guy like him in mind, he'd fit in the bad category? I like Darche but let say he has a spot in your 12th forward lineup....there's no way we'd find a tougher guy better than him? I love Ryan White and he is pretty tough....but there's nobody in the league better at hockey and as tough or tougher than him? There's nobody as good at playing hockey than David Desharnais, who, again, I like very much? Or is it because some talk of toughness, others think that we'd AUTOMATICALLY replace Desharnais by McGrattan or Jean-François Jacques. I'd also have no problem replacing almost any of our top 6 by tougher and as great at hockey as any of those guys.

See, while not a fighter, not a goon and not even a tough guy, I strongly believe that adding a guy like Cole IS ad addition to our overall "toughness". What if we're able to pull a trade that permit us to obtain another type of scorer, who drives the net, isn't afraid of anybody and while not a fighter, will not back down either? He wouldn't be able to push anybody 1 spot down? I mean, we're done now with NO possibility of improving? 'Cause toughness for you is not a way to improve? I really have no idea how we can't count that trait as an important one, just like the rest of the bunch. Strangely, toughness is never important.....but when you think that we're adding Pacioretty this year.....and Cole....that Tinordi looks mean and tough.....that our prospects D are big and strong....then you have comments about how well this team is shaping itself....So is it important or not? When you don't add toughness, it's not important....but when you already have it in the system, it's great to have?

I know, if healthy, that we should battle for the division championship...but that's still doesn't mean we're a Cup contender and status quo is better than trying to improve. 'Cause again, toughness CAN be found on quality players.

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