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Originally Posted by Ironchef Chris Wok
I actually like the whole Apollo/Starbuck relationship. I think there's a lot more tension and drama now that one of them doesn't have a set of testicles, that being Apollo.
I like the new tension. I think it's excellent. My beef is with Starbuck's occasional lapse into mimicking-a-tough-guy mode that I find really unwatchable. When she's in normal mode, I find her to be very well cast indeed - a great balance between a strong, independent felgercarb disturber with a genuine vulnerability. She has some very poignant acting moments, and the writing allows her to bring a lot more to the character than Dirk Benedict was able to do with his hollow Starbuck (albeit, he did an outstanding job with the little he had to work with). The fact that she's a bit butchy looking also helps convince you that she is a tough cookie. I just wish she would stick to normal mode more often and not try to act tougher or cooler than she is because it just looks so awkward - kind of like a nerd trying to overcompensate and brag about all the chicks he supposedly scored with. No one buys it, and it's embarrassing.

NOBODY DISSES AN ASIAN ACTRESS ON MY WATCH. Especially a young hot one like Grace Park. I wish they just didn't write the "Sharon is a cylon" thing. I really do. She's the one character I am just SAD to see a cylon.
I saw a Maxim photo spread she was in and thought she looked pretty hot too. Good makeup, lighting, and skimpy clothes can do that. In the show, without all the sexy accoutrements she looks average. I doubt I'd turn my head if I saw her on the street. But I could care less about whether she's hot or not though. I find her to be far too petite for one thing, and it's her below average acting that ultimately gets me. The scenes where she is caressing the newly acquired Cylon Raider is so cheesy. She also tends to overdo it with the facial expressions. Although she is Korean Canadian, I have to wonder whether she picked up her acting lessons in Korea, which could explain her poor skills.

Yeah, I wonder how that happened. Somehow, Adama, played by a Hispanic man (Olmos... what a fantastic actor) has the most Whitebread dude for a son I have EVER SEEN. It is RIDICULOUS.
Olmos is unbelievable. I actually wasn't expecting much from him, but the man does an absolutely incredible job. Wow! I don't really care about Lee being whiter than cotton. I just wish he was a better actor. The new Apollo character is so much more complex than Richard Hatch's Apollo. He's conflicted, tortured, insecure, confused about his feelings for Starbuck and all that jazz. A good actor would make this character awesome to watch. With this guy, though, you just want the next scene to start.

I don't think he's [Baltar's] evil. Not by one bit. Misguided if you will.
Wrong choice of words. He is certainly not the traditionally evil character, but indeed he is portrayed as a traitor. I just shook my head when he spoke his first lines and I heard that English accent. Ah yes, the traitor is an Englishman.

Dee needs a bigger role on the show other than telephone operator and again, love interest for an useless White Man. The character was clearly written to be smart and tough, so use it.
I actually think she is one of the better supporting actors on the show, and I wouldn't mind seeing them do more with her character, especially if there is a more sinister or unpleasant side to her. That's one of the things about this show - every human is a bit of a fracking jerk deep down and has certain frailties or vices. For example, I like how the happy go lucky Colonel Tigh from the original has been transformed into a drunken hardass with a soft spot for destructive women.

I'm so sick of Gaeta being the CIC biotch. Again, minorities are only good for broken computers and FTL Jumps where Basic Math Skills Whtie people don't have are needed
LOL. I think most of the minorities were sent(enced) to Earth and not the other 12 colonies. Just curious, where are the brothas on this show? Is Dee the only black person to have survived the Cylon attack?

They need to develop a new peripheral military character that doesn't have to do with the "main plot" of Cylons and Prophecies and stuff. Hotdog is easily the best candidate since he's the most recognizable recurring character, but I'd like to see a Marine maybe.
Hotdog would be good. They already killed off his fellow replacement pilot, the loser Asian male, correct? I wouldn't mind seeing more of Richard Hatch. He's actually a much better actor than he used to be in the 70s. I think the two and a half decades of living in complete obscurity has given him a real edge to his acting.

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