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08-27-2011, 01:51 AM
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Russian 2014 Olympic Hopefuls

I Just wanted to start a thread about the Olympic prospects for 2014 so we can "draw" the circle of all the hopefuls in one thread. Since this would be the most important tournament for Russian hockey in the foreseeable future..

There is going to be a lot of changes between now and 2014 for the NT, but it makes sense to at least round-out a group or realistic candidates for the NT.

I think that the players like the ZZM line will be moving on completely. Naturally, they should not be in Sochi come 2014, and if they are- that means we would really lack young talent (which will not be the case). Also players like Afinogenov, Mozyakin should not be within calibre.

Assuming that Malkin, Ovi, Datsyuk, Kovalchuk and Radulov are staples on the team, there are quiet a few spots to fill.

So, here's the list, IMO of the prospects ranked most likely to make the cut:

-Anisimov - not really a prospect, but he's still developing
-Gusev(?)! - According to an interview from FHR, Belyaletdinov personally notified Gusev that he is watching him for 2014
-Filatov - If he plays like we all know he can

All the other prospects that I can think of lack that top-end Elite talent to project for the NT. Although you never know... they could be outstanding right around the time, and average all other season.

Am I forgetting anyone? We can update this thread as prospects develop- and have something to look back at when the Olympics get going...

Also, Semin should be on the team- but I wouldn't consider him a "staple" at this point.

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