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08-27-2011, 10:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Jules, the majority of non-English speakers in the US speak English "very well". I would wager the VAST majority of second generation non-English speakers are fluent. The process is playing out as it always has. We don't need to be acting like non-English speakers are unwelcome in the meantime.

Moreover, it's this type of general attitude that leads to people think it's acceptable to villify Muslims for legally purchasing and building a community center. They are here, and they have every right to be here without being labeled a societal problem.
Jester, I'm not sure if you're speaking in generalities or specifically to me, but I have never once said that we should treat non-English speakers as unwelcome or advocated as such. Yes, there are many many second generationers that speak English "well enough". But, regardless of the generation, there are also many others that don't. Which is why this is a topic to begin with.

I also don't know how you jump to vilifying Muslims from not wanting to know 25 languages to do my job. At some point productivity, whether it is in business or in government, would grind to a halt if everything had to be accommodated for everyone in all circumstances.

I'm talking absolutes. Simple question - should government be obligated to provide every service in every language. Yes or no. No history lesson necessary, no political agenda being asked, no European comparison needed, just should it be done.

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