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Originally Posted by BoyntBergie View Post
Again, I am not "hating" on Russians.

But I do not know of any non-Russian players who've been under NHL contract and just decided to up and leave and go play in another league. And therefore I'd think twice before drafting one.

If I am wrong and there are non-Russians who've done so, let me know. It's possible they exist. I'm not aware of any.
I'm not sure why its so hard to understand. Canadian and American players don't breach NHL contracts because every single one of them wants to live out their lives in North America. The minute they step back onto North American soil, the NHL team will sue them for damages and breach of contract. Russians can go to the KHL without difficulty because they have no intention of ever living out their lives here. So their contractual breach will never become a legal matter with significant financial ramifications.

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