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08-27-2011, 11:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
No, but they have a system in place to enable communication in ANY language. They have translator phone service. It's a pain in the ass, but you have to do it if you're going to provide medical service to a patient that doesn't speak English.

Should hospital turn away a patient if they do not speak a readily available language?

It is, no doubt, a problem....but the solution to the problem is not to "other" people that don't speak English and stigmatize them as somehow unwelcome and/or inferior citizens (if they are citizens) because they don't speak English.

The biggest problem is that all the evidence points towards these communities learning English... already. So, why not tone down the ethnocentric rhetoric (that's really what it is... it isn't racist or anything per se, it's presenting a homogeneous as opposed to heterogeneous view of American society), and do the best that you can.

Because at its heart, you cannot solve the "problem" without simply denying basic services to people.
So the hospital operates the same way Jules' department does -- not every person is able to speak every language, but they have access to people who can. No one is denying basic services to anyone, in either regard.

I think putting up a sign in a restaurant refusing to serve those who don't speak English is a dick move, and it's not a good business move, but ultimately that customer has the ability to walk across the street or next door and be served. The two situations are vastly different. Public services do need the ability to serve citizens in any language. Private business does not.

Personally, I've dealt with a couple of *******s who were unbelievably rude when I said good morning rather than bonjour. Those businesses also have not seen a penny of my money, and I've driven past them to spend my money elsewhere. I've also had to use a combination of a sort of sign language to be served in some places, and I appreciate the effort and apologize for not speaking the language.

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