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08-27-2011, 12:44 PM
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Originally Posted by GoChiefsGo View Post
The parking facility I manage also has 1,000 storage units. In 6+ years of working there, with auctions held on average 9 times a year, and with each auction probably averaging 7-8 units, I have seen maybe one unit that would have been worth bidding on - and the bidding on that unit was pushed well further than I would have ever dreamed. So, staged? Absolutely, positively, 100% for sure. That show angers me beyond angry too, now we get every hillbilly in the Inland Empire coming to our auctions thinking they're going to strike it rich - only to buy someone else's ratty clothes and furniture.

I hate that show.

My guilty television pleasure? iCarly ... my daughter likes that show, and I more often than not catch myself watching it with her.

Don't judge me!
Don't you love the whole TV show effect? Look at the Extreme Couponing show. Now everyone thinks they can do it and some supermarkets are changing their approaches to how they accept coupons so they don't lose money.

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