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Originally Posted by A Pointed Stick View Post
And what can you expect from McCabe? He's no spring chicken anymore. I was surprised to see Botta float that out there anyway. If you want a bad rumor, that qualifies as pure crap.

I do not fear one trade moving a high end forward or two for a high end defenseman in his mid 20s. People here tend to make it out like we will have to move Tavares, Bailey, Okposo, Comeau, Grabner, AND our next three 1st round picks for, say, Bogosian. That just isn't honest. We are loaded at forward, and center in particular, and in trouble on our blue line. Moving just one of our higher end 20 somethings plus sweetener for someone else's headache 20 something blueliner makes the club stronger than keeping our kid and the sweetener. It preserves the build by bringing in youth back for our youth leaving, assuming a deal is there. It needs to happen, because defense isthat important, and frankly we should all be sick to death of having to watch a blueline composed of:
- Talent-risks
- Injury riddled maybes
- Veterans of the War for Independence
bringing up the rear. Our defense has been our greatest weakness, and consequently, a giant pile of E-coli since we last had JJ, Hammer, and Aucoin back there (and I am not saying that was the cream of the NHL defenses either, but it was at least competent and reliable enough to be there most games and give you what you expect to see).

It has now been admitted by Garth that no one worth a pile of dirty socks is willing to come here just for the money, and I put the half-measure named McCabe in that pile, so you have one other option: trade.

It needs to happen, and it should have happened last year. "Oh no, we will lose a precious youth or two!" Yeah, and we also get one back who makes everyone on the ice better from the blueline, but hey, let's conveniently forget that fact. I see no tragic, future obliterating, youth for old farts, wild west sell off here. I see a one time smart & necessary move. People acting like it will mean the destruction of the rebuild... get a grip on reality, please. This needs to happen. Welcome and encourage it.
I agree with the majority of your post. But people on these boards are overrating the value of our young players. We won't be getting a top-4 from the free agent market (obviously), and quite frankly-we never really had a chance.

How many top-4 defensemen have the Islanders ever acquired from the FA market over the past 10 years? Streit. That's all I can think of. And he had ONE good year, where he played wing for tons of the time. Even Streit was a gamble (granted it's more than paid off).

My point is this: the price for a top-4 D is WAY too high via trade (you see how much Wiz cashed in for?!). You don't think Columbus tried shopping around for other options first? You don't think Snow's been on the phone calling? Of course. We cannot get a proven vet on D who's worthy of playing those kind of minutes, and talent for peanuts.

It's going to cost an arm and a leg. Just Comeau, or just Bailey isn't going to cut it. They don't really hold that much value (especially Bailey).

McCabe would instantly improve our power play. Even if he's taken a few steps back, he'll take some attention off of Streit, and free up from space for him. That alone is critical, considering Streit's been out for a whole season, and to be frank: we don't know how he's going to play this year.

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