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Originally Posted by glenngineer View Post
So you don't think we need a top 3 talent? We don't have the money?

So many people on here have been clamoring for a move, to add offense, to use the money we dumped when we traded Lombardi but we don't need a top 3 talent? That's exactly what we need. We don't need another 50 point guy that is overpaid. We need a stud, plain and simple. I am so tired of this discussion because the stories change with so many posters. If people think we were one piece away from being serious contenders, that wasn't going to happen with another 50 point guy. The guy we need is a go to guy and that is top 3 talent. We need a game changer up front, not a good player but an elite player. The use of our prospects to land that talent won't happen either. The only way we land a premier player is to trade one of the big three. We have enough depth to survive this kind of move and would have the salary cap space to add this player.

The other aspect of this is if we can add that top piece plus having Radulov possibly come back next year, then we are even bigger contenders than we'd already be.

You have to give to get. Huge packages of unproven talent will not land an elite player.

I think the thing we need to know is that the owners are willing to open their wallets.
I think we all agree that we need an elite forward in order to really take that next step, but after an entire summer of picking apart what it would take to even make that look like a vague possibility it makes sense that we will probably add a 50+ pt guy before we add a 70+ pt guy. I don't think it's changing one's story to accept that these elite-type guys just aren't moved very often. When those trades do happen there is typically an underlying issue. Heatley didn't seem to be fitting in with the Sharks, so he was traded for Havlat. Both of those guys were 60pt players last seasons. Heatley has had two 100+ pt seasons, and Havlat has never broken 80 pts plus he has injury concerns so that points to there being an underlying issue with Heatley. In their other deal, SJ sent Setoguchi to Minnesota for Burns. Setoguchi is, for now, one or two tiers down from the top tier of forwards in the league. Burns, while a good defenseman, is a tier down from the Webers and Charas in the league. These big deals where star players are swapped just aren't very likely to happen, so it seems to me that the discussion is at its best when it's directed towards the realistic more than the unlikely. Even if the unlikely scenario is the one that puts the team over the top. A lot of teams are one elite player away from being in serious contention. Most, if not all, of those teams will not get that elite player through a one-for-one trade involving their own elite player. Most, if not all, likely won't even get that player in any type of trade.

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