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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
What do you mean by better?
Better means better able to help his team outscore the other teams. As the Habs' special teams are generally so strong that it would be unrealistic to expect them to improve much, I generally favor adding players who are better at driving puck possession and outchancing the opponent 5-on-5.

How they do that (skills, speed, hockey sense, grit, etc.) is not particularly relevant to me, nor is their playing style, nor is how much of the outscoring comes from more GF or less GA. But to me it's about pursuing effectiveness rather than pursuing individual tools (or worse, perceived tools) for their own sake. It's also why I'm utterly unmoved by players who are reputed to be "lazy".

My definition of talent is "anything that makes a guy better able to drive the play" (whereas it seems to be viewed as Kovalev-type technical skill, even though that clearly does not equate directly to overall hockey ability).

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