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08-28-2011, 12:19 AM
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Originally Posted by roseyc View Post
If we knew Weber was leaving for certain then we would have to take prospects and picks but that's not the case and Parise is going to leave which more of certainty than Weber leaving. Yes I would accept the pkg leaving for Parise I said we are going to have to overpay. Your can't have it both ways unless your have big pockets apparently we don't. You say this Beck shouldn't be included wasn't Wilson considered more of a top prospect than Beck and I don't know anything about him and now everybody wants him gone for peanuts. Now is the time to play both sides and let the chip fall where they may
There is this misconception that because Wilson has been tossed around in hypothetical trades that he is ok to be dealt for nothing, but what I've read is Wilson will be the centerpiece in a trade for a forward who is producing at the level at which Wilson is projected to produce. If we are in win-now mode, like a lot of us assume, then we might just have to give up a top prospect or young roster forward with potential for a player that is currently producing at the rate we think that forward might one day produce. It's the nature of the beast. We can wait around for another season or two until Wilson becomes that 60+pt guy, or we can potentially trade him to a rebuilding club for a guy who produces at that rate right now. It doesn't mean it happens, and it doesn't mean we want it to happen. You have to give to get. If we want scoring now, we have to give up future scoring at the least.

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