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08-28-2011, 06:09 AM
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I`ve had a few days to think about this. Originally I did what I do far too often, react the second I hear news of anything Bruins, completely discounting any and all reason why this or anything else potentially has taken place.

It has been suggested by many here and I now tend to agree that this could have realistically been somewhat orchestrated by Chia. I am not truly confident that a move like this is a positive step forward for him as far as future NHL career but if Chia and Co. felt he`s a top notch prospect, wouldn`t there have been a much different approach to where he plays?

I was on the Bruins official website and I couldn`t find a mention of the whole scenario which I thought was both strange and potentially indicitative of how the brass feels about the kid.

Who knows where this will all go, good thing Chia has a baseball teams worth of D going to camp. It`s still strange but I`m far less convinced this was yet another case of a homesick kid who couldn`t hack the NA game as I originally thought.

OOG pointed out (and he is definitely one poster who has far more inside knowledge than most here) this couldn`t happen without the B`s signing off on it so....I`ll cut the kid a touch of slack

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