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08-28-2011, 08:11 AM
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Originally Posted by sooshii View Post
wait, it's 24+ hours away and already you're backing down from elbows to old ladies and smashing little kids under foot? Would you even speedbag a defenseless ginger twin? Marshy will be disappointed.
Have a big time golf tournament on Tuesday(final round to qualify me for the local Amateur "tour" next year), specifically why I scouted locations to shoot pics/video from. I work on Spring Garden at Estia (across from HMV), on my break, and I`m not kidding, I took a walk on the parade route and found a great spot, that wouldn`t be open to the "fan interference" as I said earlier. Hint, part of the University where students at a particular building go onto a rooftop where they are actually allowed to smoke, so.....I`ll be able to enjoy the festivities while puffing on my cheap smokes

If no golf tournament Tuesday, I`d be all elbows

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