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Originally Posted by bsl View Post
Serge Savard. We always forget the Serge.

The guy broke both his legs young. Bad ****, really bad. And he just adjusted and kept playing.

I'm not kidding when I say he was near Orr level before this happened.

Ask around, you'll hear a lot of guys who know better than me say the same thing.

Serge was the Man. Larry was a Titan of course. Serge was better. When Serge was skating it out, you cracked a brew and sat back, because the puck was coming out of our zone, every time. I mean every bloody time.

Let's not go overboard, or hell, why not, let's: There's a certain young guy on the Habs D right now who reminds me a lot of Serge. Including the Serge Spinerama. We'll see but I ain't seen nothing like it since Serge Savard the Man.

You want my favorite though, in my time: Lemaire. Absolutely wicked shot, wicked one timer, perfect perfect passes, and just a brilliant player. Never made mistakes, never. Just ask Flower.
Outside Serge Savards family I don't know where you'd "ask around" and find many who think Serge was better than Robinson. Larry was a once in a lifetime player, I certainly don't expect to ever again see another one of that calibre. Outside of Lafleur's rushes there weren't many things more exciting to watch than Larry - whether he was in an end-to-end rush, dishing out a bone crushing open ice hit or destroying someone in a fight. Larry was one of those few players that raised you out of your seat when the time required it.

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