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Originally Posted by Revelation View Post
I agree with eco and BB, Dubinsky NEEDS to be on the top line. I've said it before in various other threads on the topic, but Wolski on the top line doesn't make sense. What is needed for Richards and Gaborik is an intimidating puck-hound to do the dirty work on the boards and bang in garbage goals. The obvious fit for this role is Dubinsky. Slotting in Wolski makes that one of the softest top lines in the league. We would be in huge trouble against physical teams, of which the Atlantic Division is full.

The fact of the matter is that I've yet to hear anyone give me a good reason why Wolski should realistically be playing 1LW over Dubi. All the arguments are rooted in keeping the Pack Line together. While I love having a homegrown line, keeping it together does more harm to Richards and Gaborik than benefit to Anisimov and Callahan. Is Dubinsky a better fit with Anisimov and Callahan than Wolski is? Of course. But the most net-benefit to the team lies with Dubinsky as 1LW.
While I agree in principle on having a grinder play LW,... no particular player NEEDS to play there. I think we all are putting too much into this LW thing. Both Gabby and Richards are the type of skilled players that can make their own success. Gabby scored 40 a little more than a year ago with who? I can't even remember. I believe his sub par year this past season had more to do with MDZ not feeding him on breakaways than gelling with his linemates. And Richards can skate circles around defenders by himself. Whoever plays with those two will benefit.

Originally Posted by n8 View Post
There's a perfect storm. Wolski knows the 1st line LW position is up for grabs. He's also in a contract season. A full year with Richards and Gaborik would go well to raise his value going into this summer.

Now, I've been saying this for some time. WW has a lot of skill but he is inconsistent. He isn't a player who can constantly create scoring chances and make his linemates better. Brad Richards, however, is such a player and when such a player plays with WW, they will be able to tap into WW's wealth of skill and make him a better player. Add to the fact that when Brad Richards and Marion Gaborik are on the ice, he's going to be the lowest on the defender's list of players to worry about. WW can be very opportunistic and so long he is able to earn and stick to the 1st line LW assignment, he's poised to have a very good year. Starting in the league, he benefited tremendously playing with Joe Sakic and later on with Paul Stastny. Actually he was a pretty consistent contributor playing with Sakic but I suppose that says more about Super Joe. He's 1 year removed from his best season (65 points split between COL/PHX) and I'm sure he has tons to prove (aside from earning a contract) personally about what type of player he can be. 2010 was his worst season to date and he'll want to bounce back strong for many reasons. The perfect storm I say!
Good points here! Just hope he comes out flying,... Cause he will be on a very short leash. Torts has absolutely no patience. He doesn't give anyone IMO enough of a chance to succeed. He is way to quick to pull the plug. And this does not bode well for a player of Wolski's calibre. He is expected to be a skilled player and produce. I'm sure that's why Phoenix let him go. His odds are not good with Torts in charge. But hey, he might turn things around with Richards.

Still, I feel it would be better fit if a grinder like Avery or Rupp were there.

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