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08-28-2011, 03:30 PM
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Originally Posted by mikepelfrey View Post
see the bolded is one area that proved to me that Wang interferes more than we know, and that Snow is doing all he does, dodging obstacles, because its absolutely correct, its something that even the most clueless of fans would notice so logic tells me that Garth simply has told him time and again, there is simply no way that anyone could not see it. but given that why no change? the only answer that makes sense is that like Lafontaine before him, Wang sometimes just refuses to listen. as i quoted before:

But LaFontaine had advised Wang to take 48 hours before making any final decision about Smith. He then suggested that the owner let the dust settle and not name a replacement today, the source said. After Wang ignored both bits of advice, LaFontaine “decided this was not the right time and place for him,” the person said."

We cant know of course, but logic tells us thats most likely the case
For me it was the DiPietro scandal when prior to Rick's big vacation Snow was forced to keep him on the bench as the back up when he was obviously injured. No matter what the details were behind the move, I will never believe this was Garth's choice. IMO, it was Wang calling the personnel move, and it was so incredibly stupid... eh, words cannot even express the stupidity. And like you said, there are other bits of evidence as well of Wang getting involved on a level someone of his hockey ignorance level should avoid.

I agree with your entire post. I do have issues absolving Snow of all culpability in this, but in general the bad guy here is clearly Wang. I FEAR what we would wind up with if Snow left. Wang's gardener as GM? It wouldn't surprise me at all.

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