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Originally Posted by A Pointed Stick View Post
No need to go any farther than Harold Ballard. There are others as well, but he may have been the #1 worst owner in the history of the NHL over the past 40 years, and that is saying something when you consider the shysters, mobsters, and charlatans that have owned teams or been involved as executives in the past. As for age, I watched the Nets in the NVMC, if that tells you anything, and enjoyed watching Potvin dethrone Brad Park as the best defenseman in the NY area. I enjoyed the hell out of that actually.

One note though, I see you and some others getting on Sammy's case. I have no idea what the history is here, who the bad guy/good guy is, but you and I are having a normal discussion, Sammy and I despite some significant differences in opinions have normal discussions, so I am left wondering how come you guys can't do the same. I'm not criticizing anyone here, just wondering what it would be like if we all just talked this stuff out without the flames and put downs and some mutual respect for differing opinions. Then we could all focus on the important stuff - like hating Toronto fans.
actually i have nothing against sammy, nothing at all. I have a natural bias against holding anything against someone for things beyond their control however, and whenever I see normally intelligent people blaming others for things well in the past, Well before Snow even got here, I see red.

To me thats deliberately being ignorant, because none of us can change the past, and Why should anyone be held accountable for decisions Made by others?

its ignorant and while i understand it can happen, why would anyone choose to be ignorant? I'd like to believe that i can learn from anyone and Ill do my best to give others any Knowledge I possess, but dont expect me ever to accept deliberate ignorance, we're all here voluntarily, so i feel I owe you and everyone else who reads my posts my passionate best and I try to give it.

What you saw was my intolerance and frustration, with a normaally intelligent human being choosing to be feign ignorance

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