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Originally Posted by bsl View Post
Serge Savard. We always forget the Serge.

The guy broke both his legs young. Bad ****, really bad. And he just adjusted and kept playing.

I'm not kidding when I say he was near Orr level before this happened.

Ask around, you'll hear a lot of guys who know better than me say the same thing.

Serge was the Man. Larry was a Titan of course. Serge was better. When Serge was skating it out, you cracked a brew and sat back, because the puck was coming out of our zone, every time. I mean every bloody time.
thx I never realize this, so I called my stepdad

It was an interesting phone call, I didn't want to bias him so I asked him when at what point did he start watching hockey regularly on tv instead of the radio. It was in the mid 60's.

So I asked him if he thought Savard was better than Robinson and I never heard such a devout Habs fan speak so highly of someone, in his opinion it wasn't even close, Savard was significantly better, he talked about how Savard wasn't flashy like Robinson but you could always count on him, he talked about his shot, then when he talked about him on the PP, it almost sounded as if he was having an orgasm in his mind.

He mentioned alsohow Robinson was prone to gaffes and errors. Keep in mind, he was a big - big bird fan in my eyes my whole life, I seen a bit of Robinsonand thought he was awesome, .

Needless to say, I respect his opinion and I now believe Savard was better.

I wish we could sit and watch old games from back then. I'd rather pay $10 to see a game from 1970 instead of this week's #1 movie.

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