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08-29-2011, 04:14 AM
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So, I tried to get back into LoL a bit... (DotA League site was down most of the day for maintenance).

3 Ashe games, 2 wins.
1 Talon game, utter failure.

I got called a n00b in 2 games by what I imagine to be 12 years olds.
And considering I truly did play a hard-core ricing Ashe with ganks (DotA history has its advantages) which I mainly won with (winning percentage about 80%... most of my losses came on experimenting heroes like Shaco etc.)...
It was rather disheartening to see myself suck as much as I did.

The main problem right now isn't even to act against my instincts from DotA (denying, etc.), it's that - not having played in a year or so - I have no clue what half the heroes do... So I keep getting WTFpwned by the said "unknown" heroes.

One thing I did notice is that Trynde was in each of those 4 games and. I played him before and he was rather mediocre... But again, that was a year ago...

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