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Originally Posted by Maxpac View Post
Caveat of the perils? You're turning Latin on us now? While you like to extract evey possible (and most of the time useless) stats possible, I like to enjoy the game for what it is and represents.
It's perfectly fine to watch the game purely as entertainment! It's fine to like watching fights and hits (so long as nobody gets hurt, of course) as part of that entertainment package.

I like to watch hockey too, more for the skill and speed than the physical game. However, I've got a very Cartesian mind, though, and I also like to examine the game from the angle of figuring out what makes a team win and how a team might improve. Hence all the stats.

Thing is, if you're interested purely in the entertainment value, then don't try to present it as the necessarily superior "tactical" option as well. Obviously, what's more effective on the ice may or may not be what's more entertaining -- just remember the trap system! Of course, the entertainment is what sell tickets, so a team may go with what's entertaining over what's effective anyway; then again, often not -- think of the trap system again.

Incidentally, if you want to talk about cognitive dissonance, "useless stats" would be a fine example. Insisting that fighting has hockey value in the face of mounting evidence to the contrary by dismissing the evidence out of hand is also a fine case of cognitive dissonance...

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