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Originally Posted by habsjunkie2 View Post
I like most of your arguments, but when you say Alex Tanguay was not soft, you kinda lose me. This isn't a miss-perception, it's been a concern of every gm who he has ever played for.
I think that the notion of Alex Tanguay's softness has been overblown, and the impact thereof even more so. He's a very good player, that should be the bottom line. His being "soft" has done little to diminish his effectiveness.

Originally Posted by habsjunkie2 View Post
IMO it is no coincidence that a small semiskilled team struggles to score 5vs5 every single year. You can write it off as bad luck or whatever else you wish to attribute it to, but until this team is in the top half in 5vs5 scoring your metrics mean very little.
It had more to do with being "semiskilled" than "small". There was also an interesting pattern over the last few years where good 5-on-5 players would instantly get worse when they got on the Habs and get better when they left; this regardless of size, grit, which team they played for before, et caetera. So I think coaching may have been a factor.

But I wouldn't be surprised to see the Habs well in the top half for 5-on-5 scoring. They'd only need to add six goals to get there, but I think they'll do much better than that. They're actually pretty much where Boston was last year, though Boston's luck swung completely the other way this year.

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