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Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
Well, let's not forget what the Bruins' defensive game all year really was...

Tim Thomas save%:
Game 1: .971
Game 2: .909
Game 3: .976
Game 4: 1.000
Game 5: .960
Game 6: .947
Game 7: 1.000

Total for the series: .967

This, more than any other factor, is ultimately what won Boston the series -- and was the primary reason the Sedins were shut down.
Exactly. While watching the series, I did notice that Julien was able to limit the amount of chances teh Sedin's had through a very tight defensive system, but the Sedin's still had plenty of chances in that series, not as much as usual, but they still did. However, when they did get through, Thomas stoned them on every occasion. I remember, I think it was game 5 where Daniel hit 4 posts in one game. They weren't without their chances.

Again, even at that, the Sedin's saw a similar level of difficulty scoring in the Nashville series, but I doubt people will attribute that to Nashville's toughness. Interestingly enough, the Sedin's struggled twice in the playoffs, and both times were against teams that played a high defensive game and good goaltending. Hell, we saw this first had during the season when the Habs played the Canucks twice. The Sedins were shut down in these two games as well.

Again as I said, I think attributing the Sedin's lack of production to the toughness of the Bruins is a very shallow analysis of that series, as is the claim that the Bruins won the cup because of their toughness. The Bruins won primarily because of Thomas standing on his head, good fortune with the injury situation, good defensive play and good depth.

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