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08-29-2011, 10:41 AM
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Originally Posted by BringBackStevens View Post
You are overrating MPS. He has a higher ceiling at this point in time than Voracek but its not as wide as you are making it sound. Voracek is a better player right now and should still improve a bit
Voracek has a few years on MPS so it's tough to compare these two very young players. When Voracek was MPS's age he played for a playoff team and scored about the same amount of points as MPS did on the worst team in the league. I'd be willing to bet that MPS scores at at least the same pace as Voracek in this coming season. I'm not knocking Voracek at all. I am psyched we got him and he is going to be a good player, I just think MPS is going to be much better.

The bottom line is, on any other team besides Edmonton and a few others, MPS is the #1 prospect. Since Edmonton has had so many top picks in recent years, that isn't the case, but put him on about 25 other teams and he's #1. Teams don't trade prospects like that for 2nd liners and a pick. And if they do, it's highway robbery. Like I've said before, would you trade Schenn or Couturier for a player like Voracek and a mid-late first round pick? I'm guessing no. Just like Edmonton wouldn't trade that for MPS (unless its for his rights when he is RFA or the trade deadline before if they know they won't sign him).

EDIT: Ok, maybe I'm wrong. I posted the gist of this discussion in the Edmonton trades thread and they seem to land somewhere in between my views of his higher value and others' view of his lesser value. At least one person said Voracek AND Coburn plus a first or second might be ok and another said they wouldn't deal him at this point unless a star player was coming back. I guess his value will be more easily determined after this season where he'll likely get more minutes and the team should be a little better around him.

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