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08-29-2011, 11:06 AM
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The Mcrimmon situation I recall vividly and was one of the worst deals and it was one of the more blatant examples of Clarke's emotions getting the best of him and inability at times to deal rationally with purely business decisions. Clarke has always said he hated the contract part of his job and in this case he showed why because he miscalculated as he himself admitted. I also was none too happy about him tearing up Esche's existing contract after he had ONE good playoff performance and thought he would be our franchise goalie for years to come....

What was insulting about the Mcrimmon deal was that he was indeed instrumental in Calgary's cup victory. The BEAST lived up to his nickname...

As far as Propp and Poulin...well we held on to them too long and did not even get fair value when we did decide to move them since we accomodated them a bit more than the TEAM. The league was changing (more speed) with the intro of more Europeans and we didn't adjust properly and that was part of Clarke's undoing when he was first let go by Jay Snider. Farewell tried to fix it but players like Brad Jones and Mark Pederson didn't exactly turn things around although Brindy and Recchi were good moves. It wasn't until we got Lindros and then the Desjardins and Leclair coup (Leclair was an afterthought) as well as Renberg's emergence that things started righting themselves.

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