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Originally Posted by mix1home View Post
It will be funny if you traded 1C to us for second rounder while you don't really have anything better yourself. Grabo is 2C, period.

I agree that he will not score 50 points, which = that team will miss difference in Wiz production. Wiz was no liability on your D aside form pure production.

And I disagree that Markov will not miss a bit. I also disagree that limited speed will allow him be as effective. It will affect team speed, which Montreal relies on.
I agree that Grab is a 2nd line centre but my point was that whoever is your 2ndline in terms of points, won't be a top 10in the NHL next year, do you agree or disagree?

Wiz didn't get 50 points for Montreal last year, he only got 30 points for us, Markov getting 30 points is very much in the realm of possibility.

I would bet even money that Markov will have 30 points on the season. Would you bet against that?

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