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08-29-2011, 01:32 PM
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Just came back from a baseball trip with three friends, with three stops in Detroit, Cleveland and Toronto and it made me realize how much do I actually miss the Expos. I miss the RDS games intro and the actual game, the Expos even when they sucked, they were fun to watch. I really miss this. Montréal can support a baseball team I have no doubt, especially with the ball season almost not overlapping over the hockey season. Put a ball park downtown with an open roof and I guarantee a 15 000 attendance every night.

Plus, Montreal is becoming more and more a destination for americans tourists. And you know how much americans love their baseball... it would work! We just need a patient owner, because the team would mostly suck the first three years, but when the team start winning I'm sure it would have a big interest in the city for the Expos.

We got screwed over by a shameless owner, that's why the team left. No other reason.


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