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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post

Nobody is basing solely on the toughness of the Bruins. It was definitely a factor though. And in my opinion, it was a disgrace that the league didn't police things better.
While no body is basing their success solely on the toughness of the Bruins, it sure does get passed as such. Look, every team's qualities(positive one) play a role in their success. Toughness was a quality of the Bruins, but whether or not that set them apart from most teams and was the deciding factor in their wins or one the biggest factors is up for debate and personally I don't think it was. I named for factors which were much more my opinion of course, in the Bruins success these playoffs.

I think this whole toughness argument is one of style rather than effectiveness. People like to see other people get beaten up, others don't. I think there are many factors more important on a team's success than toughness and as far as the Canadiens go, I'd like them to address other issues first(like finding more reliable depth on defense aka anotehr defensemen who can eat responsible minutes) than going out there and finding a bruiser. Likewise, I also think they need a good 4th line faceoff man(one who can also play responsible hockey) before they need to add a bruiser. Sure you can kill two birds with one stone by acquiring a guy who is both a bruiser and can fill in for the area that is currently unfilled, but not many players that have both qualities were available via UFA and most require overpayment via trade route, which we aren't in a position to be overpaying for anything right now.

I think the only people that "don't get it" are those people who think toughness trumps all these other issues currently missing on our team. Just like those last season who thought that getting tougher was a bigger priority than getting a scoring defensemen and better depth in the top 9. Low and behold, the habs brought up Pacioretty and desharnais and traded for Wisniewski and we had a 17-7-5 record until Pacioretty got hurt. I still remember that Flyers toughness thread last season, where all our problems in november and december were attributed to a lack of toughness rather than the fact that we had an incomplete top 6 and literally zero offense from the back end.

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