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08-29-2011, 04:03 PM
the 4th hanson bro
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Short answer is they don't.

Longer answer is that the league doesn't seem to care, as long as they're getting fees. At every coordinators' meeting, there's a song and dance from the league manager(s) saying they will be monitoring play and moving people up, but it's really up to the coordinators to police their own teams.

Nobody in that situation is going to call out a ringer or two on another team for fear of retaliation. So the ringers continue to pile up in every league.

A few years ago, the A/AA level vanished because not enough teams would sign up for it. The players are still there, just playing down a level or two. So then B players get pushed out and so on down to having teams that had been playing in the instructional league, as a team, for 5 or more seasons.

Nobody monitors the games or even looks at the score sheets. Things then get chippy because people are pissed off at Johnny Ringer, many of the refs know he doesn't belong and let other players get in cheap shots, Johnny Ringer gets pissed and chaos ensues.

That said, with what they pay the managers, I can't say I'd be terribly bothered to give a crap either.

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