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Originally Posted by knorthern knight View Post
OK, so the field can be covered by a bubble. How much extra would it cost to get a bubble to cover the entire stadium, including the seats? I grew up in Winnipeg, and I really question the point of having an outdoor stadium that's useless for events for a significant chunk of the year. And while we're at it, a Grey Cup in early December in -20 or -30 degrees C isn't exactly my definition of "fun", either.
The bubble that would cover the field will be $2 million. I suspect a bubble to cover the stadium - not an engineer, but i doubt something that big would be possible to build - would be several times that.

A domed stadium is not feasible in this city anyways, regardless of the agreement that is in place between the city/province and True North. The operating costs are too high and the idea that Winnipeg would attract several large concert acts during the winter is just a myth. There are no big concert acts during the winter that require a dome stadium. Most acts require no more than an arena and MTS Center serves that purpose quite adequately. Oh, and I forgot to mention the astronomical costs of the domed stadium itself, $400 million plus.

Winnipeg has had three Grey Cups. First one was -20 degrees Celsius, second one was plus 10 -12 (a record for that date I believe) and the third was around 0 - minus 2 at gametime. Minus 20 in late November is not the norm but the exception. I was at the last Grey Cup and it was fun. Just slap on some ski pants, hat and mitts, and bring a blanket and you should be good to go. I certainly wasn't freezing. You just need to prepare.

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