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08-29-2011, 04:37 PM
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Originally Posted by albatross View Post
Most of those items you listed apply to every single team in the league and could kill expectations for anybody. It's the worst case scenario disaster drill. All teams have players that are a year older, could be injured or have opposing teams that also made improvements. That is never ending and could go on forever.

Based on what we know right now at this moment, there is no reason to figure the Lightning to have any kind of real decline. Possibly Stamkos will revert back into Slumpkos, that would hurt, but for now all we know is that he's healthy, been training hard, won't be distracted by contract issues and is ready to go.
The op said he couldn't see any way our team could do worse than last year, I was simply pointing out ways that our performance could be adversely affected. I'm not as optimistic as most of you and feel we were very fortunate to make it as far as we did. I could easily be wrong, but I feel like we will be eliminated in the 1st round of the playoffs this year, as we should have been last year. Comparing our team on paper to others in the East, and I'm definitely not confident of us being a cup contender; of course that doesn't take into consideration intangibles such as chemistry, coaching, luck etc.

Players in the last year of their respective contracts generally perform better. Although this may not be true for Stamkos, many players perform poorly in the first year of their new contracts.

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