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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
I agree. And it is slowly getting better but we need more size and toughness in the top six in my opinion. I know Cole can assume some of this but I didn't like the signing due to his age and injuries. I also don't think we have enough elite skill or grit to win a cup.
These two points caught my interest, so I'll ask you to expand on these if you would.

Regarding Cole, I've seen your posts tend toward acquiring elite talent; that signing/acquiring guys like Gionta and Cammy borders on pointless (apologies if this is oversimplifying your stance). IMO Cole was one of the best options available as UFA, albeit best being relative to a very weak crop. What would you have done instead of acquiring Cole? Presuming the one top end UFA (B. Richards) wasn't signing here regardless, would you have

-bettered the offers for Richards/Carter from Philly? IMO such a trade would have hurt more than it helped.
-just gone with Pulashaj or some other farm player?
-Door #3?

As to the second point, 2 years ago the team rode a hot goalie to the semis. This past year, yes, it is ifs and buts, but if the team scores in Game 7 OT, the Habs would get Washington, who lied down like dogs in the 2nd round, then would have had at least a pretty good chance vs TB to get to the finals. Years past have taught us that you get into the POs, there's always a chance. Is this team a clear top of the conference powerhouse? No. But I expect them to make the playoffs and I think the team as currently put together at least has a chance. And if you are playoff team, then you go get players that make you better.

I'm not sure if your opinion is that the team shouldn't really bother with 2nd tier UFA like Cole, but I'm not sure not signing any UFA and running a payroll $10M under the cap. in the hope of, I suppose, missing the playoffs and maybe drafting a guy who might help three years from now is the way to go either.

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