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08-30-2011, 12:15 AM
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Well all i can say is most of the men who come here to play junior hockey love it..only problem's have been Momma or Daddies boys...
They signed up to honour contracts...tell it to the young men in the military they sign up at the same age and can't say ..i don't want to go to Afganastan..or wherever..these are not kids they are young men and they have to toughen up mentally as well as physically.
I'll say it again why should a number one pick have anymore consideration then the kid who may never make it to the NHL and plays to be part of a team for the love of the game and the desire to be a champion.
I think that this young man's handler's have hurt him...there is absolutely nothing wrong with Sault Ste. Marie or it's hockey team...some posters on these forums seem to think that the league is only run right in their cities..not everyone can field a winner every year.
Mr Dubas came in and has successfully trade away some problem players Thomas and Catennaci...Fine was traded becasuse he could not honor team rules..
As for the fans in this city..they are passionate..and fill the rink even when they end up last..a standing ovation for a last place team at the end of the year..
95 % of the Men who have [played here have loved is inane to suggest this is not a great city or a great hockey culture...
And if anyone wants to suggest Catenacci was not a problem..why did Dubas have to solve it..??

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